Teeth Whitening

With Philips Zoom Whitening Kit, your whiter smile can be noticeably whiter fast, with maximum results in just seven to 14 days. Philips Zoom Whitening Kit lets you whiten your teeth when it’s most convenient for you. Results can be made from as little as 1 hour a day!

For those of you with sensitive teeth this system has ACP (sensitivity relief gel). ACP has been shown to be clinically effective in eliminating tooth sensitivity during and following teeth whitening.

Philips Zoom Teeth Whitening – Strengths available

  • 6% DayWhite Hydrogen peroxide (1 hour)
  • 10% NiteWhite Carbamide peroxide (8 hour/nighttime)
  • 16% NiteWhite Carbamide peroxide (8 hour/nighttime)

Just call in or enquire below and we will recommend the best product for you!

What causes your teeth to turn yellow?

There’s a range of reasons teeth become discoloured. Genetics, your environment, even taking certain medication can all have an impact on the whiteness of your smile. The most common reason is surface stains on your enamel. This is down to everyday food, drinks and lifestyle choices. Over time, these stains can work their way to the layer below enamel, known as dentin. When this becomes stained, the whole tooth looks darker because of the translucency of enamel.

How can I whiten my teeth?

Prescribed teeth whitening treatments from Philips Zoom can give you a smile up to 6 shades whiter and can be done from the convenience of your own home. The first step is a consultation with your medical professional.

Will I experience sensitivity?

Patients sometimes experience some temporary mild sensitivity. We have 3 strengths available which are all effective. Philips zoom has built in ACP to help reduce sensitivity and strengthen enamel. If patients regularly experience sensitive teeth we would usually recommend our 10% carbamide peroxide formula.

How long do whitening results last?

Our whitening treatments are formulated to give you long-lasting results, but the results will vary depending on the type of whitening you opt for. Lifestyle choices, such as drinking drinks that stain teeth, will make them yellow again over time. We give 6 × 2.4ml tubes of gel with our treatment which gives most patients enough to top up again in the future. We also stock top up gel in our clinic.

What is the cost of treatment?

The total cost is just €199. This includes the impressions to ensure your trays fit perfectly, and a full whitening pack including 6 × 2.4ml tubes of whitening gel.

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